Why Tapping in School?

Article by Terri Mays

As Tapping is being introduced to students of all ages, research demonstrates Tapping can improve academic performance, decrease negative emotional states, improve self-esteem, resilience and able to solve negative social interactions. Research shows Tapping affects positively both sections of the brain that play a part in deciding if something is a threat; the
stress center in the brain or the amygdala and the memory center, the hippocampus.

There is not a class I have taught that has not all agreed they have experienced a time when they studied really hard, perhaps all night, yet the next day when they took their test they forgot even simple answers, that they knew they knew! That why I say “Stress makes us stupid”. When we are stressed or worrying about our performance, this signals the amygdala
that there could be danger and, not the results wanted. This sends adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormone) into the body. When cortisol is flooding the body, certain body functions are heightened from the “freeze, fight, flight” response. We may be wishing to run, like not showing up that day in school, or fight, like getting angry or freeze going blank and stare (like a deer in headlights). This response happens all the time with students. A signal is sent through the body; “test are not safe. All the fears of not being good enough, fear of failing, fear of forgetting only get confirmed stronger on the next test and so on. Sound familiar?

Dawson Church, Ph.D. advanced the evolution of clinical EFT Tapping in his respected award- winning book, “The Genie in Your Genes”. His research findings with groundbreaking results have been published in many prestigious scientific journals like “Energy Psychology Theory”.

After Harvard Medical school research confirmed that Meridian Tapping communicates to the amygdala and hippocampus, Dr. Dawson Church did the first Gold standard triple blind study to compare Meridian Tapping and talk therapy and to determine if it reduced cortisol in the body. When he got the results, they thought there must have been a mistake and retested it, three times. Why? Because the results were astonishing, The Tapping group dropped their levels of cortisol a solid average of 24 percent! And, some participants even experienced as much as 50 percent decrease in their cortisol levels. This is far beyond the previously highest recorded 14
percent reduction in cortisol from talk therapy and other modalities that had ever been tested. This is important to know because cortisol is nick named “the stress hormone”. Are you starting to see a pattern?

Meridian Tapping has new been researched in more than ten countries with more than sixty published results. There have been over a hundred clinical trial studies proving safe positive results.

Here is a story I want to share that demonstrates how students learn to apply Tapping in their everyday lives. There was a student (we’ll call her “Julie”) that had learned Tapping at school and had shared how it helped her at home. The story goes something like this; Julie was excited because she had just got invited to her friend Mila’s house tomorrow for pizza and movie. This was important to Julie because she had been feeling a little insecure with their relationship since they hadn’t gotten together in a long time. When Julie came home from school all she could think of was what they were going to do tomorrow together. When her mother came home from work the usual evening occurred with mom checking if Julie got her homework done. Of course, Julie had forgotten all about her homework and excitedly began telling her mother about going over to Mila’s tomorrow. Julie’s mother let her know that she’s not going anywhere unless she has her homework done. Words fly from Julie how “she’s not fair” and “doesn’t understand me” cries and runs off to her room, slamming her door. After a period of negative emotions while lying on the bed she puts her hands on her forehead, which reminds her about doing Tapping to feel better. As she begins Tapping and venting out her frustration she starts to think how her mother really didn’t say she couldn’t go she just has to get her homework done. She even thinks about how Mila probably has the same homework to do. Now Julie can focus and begins to get her homework done feeling excited to let her mother know and finishing the evening discussing with her mother her plans for meeting Mila after school. Students catch on fast and recognize that Tapping helps them focus and feel calm.

This is an example of how important teaching Prime Tapping in the schools can be. Even though you may go to the school with the full intention to truly just help the student academic performance. Because it is a self-applied and self-soothing technique, the students can choose to use it any time they want to feel better about negative emotions they may be feeling.

Prime Tapping gives students something they can take ownership of because they can use it at their discretion, whenever or where they feel the need to feel safe and more in control of the emotions they feel in their body. Students often dis-engage or “act out” when they feel “not heard” or “in control of their immediate emotions”. By asking if they have a test coming up and how they feel about it, you are giving them a voice. Then when you ask them “how do you want to feel taking the test?” They will always say “confident, proud or good!” Now they voiced their fear and told you their affirmation. This is what you Tap on with them. I will go into more detail on this in the chapter “Engaging Students with Tapping”.

Tapping can be used on any negative feelings after a test, exam or performance. Words like “Even though I might not have done as well as I wanted in that test and it was really hard. I am still a great student and proud of myself finishing it” can be powerful. I love the thought that a
student that knows Tapping can Tap to soothe their negative self-talk that they may have after any event or activity. Why carry around that negative baggage of failure or fears? When I started coaching using Tapping every one of my clients had a negative memory that was still bothering them from when they were young. Wouldn’t it have been nice to had Meridian Tapping taught years ago? Students also have applied Tapping to their sport performance. I taught a middle school class in Sacramento California Prime Tapping to help reduce test anxiety and improve their test scores. One row had a group of three wonderful eighth-grade girls that liked the Tapping but weren’t sure if they fully wanted to engage as much as the others. Toward the end of the class I asked them what they thought about Tapping. They truthfully said it was Okay, but they were really worried about a volleyball playoff that they would have the next morning. They wanted to know if they could use it to help them with their game. They explained their discontent with some of the teammates and how they hadn’t won a game all season. Because I knew Tapping is used by professional athletes often. I told them “Most Certainly! let’s Tap on that”. We Tapped on their frustration and then how they were all really good players together as a class. In the end all of us were smiling and grinning feeling great about ourselves. Everyone was glad they came. What I did not expect was the text message I received the next day from one of the girls’

“After learning Prime Tapping with Terri my daughter made almost all of her serves at her volleyball tournament. She shared the technique with her team and the team went on to win three out of four of their games. Up until this point they had not won any of their games. It
was awesome to watch!” – K Boss – Nevada

I shared this volleyball story to a couple teachers that I had previously taught Prime Tapping to. And this is what a sixth-grade teacher reported back to me. She had a student that was resistant to doing Tapping whenever she had the class Tap for certain activities such as a test. Then she told the successful volleyball story I shared with her to her class. At the end of class this student asked her if she could use the Tapping for her basketball game because she had a similar story of not playing well. She told her yes and they Tapped together. This little girl returned to school excited and couldn’t wait to Tap together in class. Why? Because she played her best ever and they won their game. She now was a believer because she personally got the results! Shared by K Hansston – California

Dr. Peta Stapleton says, “Tapping in school gives students the resiliency and ability to control their stressful thoughts and emotions, that can get in the way of learning.”

The great thing about Prime Tapping, is it’s quick, safe and easy to learn with excellent success rates even for complete beginners. I believe when students learn to overcome stressful barriers that get in the way of learning they live a happier engaged adult life.