Why Tapping in School?

Article by Terri Mays As Tapping is being introduced to students of all ages, research demonstrates Tapping can improve academic performance, decrease negative emotional states, improve self-esteem, resilience and able to solve negative social interactions. Research shows Tapping affects positively both sections of the brain that play a part in deciding if something is a threat; thestress center in the … Read More

Sore Spot

What’s the Sore Spot in Tapping Video by Terri Mays

Tapping for Tired Teachers

Tapping for Tired Teachers Article created by Author, Anne Reynolds Specifically, she wanted to find out whether Tapping could be an effective tool to reduce burnout in public school teachers.  Burnout is a serious and widespread issue in public education, and proposed programs to remedy the issue have been too expensive for most districts to implement. After an exhaustive search, … Read More

The Science of Anger

How Anger and Other Negative Emotions Affect Your Body Published by: The Tapping Solution Written by: Nick Ortner  Have you ever been so angry that your face turns red, your body starts shaking, or you feel like you just want to hit something? You can imagine anger like a volcano, building up pressure until the top just blows off. Or, if … Read More