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Discover How an Ancient Part of Your Brain is Holding You Back and Keeping You From Creating the Life You Want and How You Can Rewire Your Brain in Just Minutes with a Simple Tapping Technique…

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Tapping is and how you can begin to use this tool immediately. 

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I have developed a system to help educators’ personal stresses using Emotional Freedom Technique or (EFT Tapping), so that they can better manage stress in and around the classroom.

Educators today are managing more stress than ever before, both in and outside the classroom.  Dealing with student challenges over and over, from outbursts to meltdowns, parent conferences, broken copy machines, technology issues, mandatory meetings, the list goes on and on.

Individually these are just another inconvenience in the day, but accumulative can feel exhausting and become toxic stress contributing to burnout.  The latest figures from the US Dept of Education states 40% of teachers will leave the profession within five years.  This creates stress and pressure on all the districts’ departments.

Educators that know EFT Tapping cultivate resilience helping them manage physical and emotional stressors, enjoy life more and fulfill their original desire to teach our youth for the future.

EFT Tapping has been proven to help reduce anxiety, stress and improve self-esteem both for the educator and the student.  It can be used with specific emotional intent toward your own life challenges as educators as well as used in group settings with students at the start of the day or special event.

EFT Tapping is effective, simple, safe and can be learned as young as four years old.  You can apply it to yourself whenever you want and wherever you are.  It’s less expensive and less time consuming than many other stress reducing methods.

There have been over 100 clinical trial studies with EFT Tapping showing positive results, 51 of them have been the triple blind gold stand study.  As research is increasing in the application of EFT Tapping in the classroom Neuroscientist Dr. David Feinstein says, “…it is not a question of IF we use Tapping in our schools but When we will start using it”.

It’s Time!  The research is in, we can’t afford to waste any more time not teaching EFT Tapping to our Educators and Students.

Contact me to discuss how we can start to improve your school’s positive climate.

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Podcast Interview with CUTV News

CUTV News Radio spotlights Terri Mays of Tapping With Terri (Broadcast in Self Help)

Lodi, CA – Terri Mays is the founder of Tapping With Terri, where she specializes in a unique healing modality called emotional freedom technique (EFT), otherwise known as Tapping. Mays is dedicated to improving the classroom experience by teaching Tapping in schools to both students as well as teachers and administrators.

“What I have to offer is an incredible technique that is very empowering” says Mays. “Students can use it anytime they feel a little nervous, scared or angry.”

Tapping has its origins in helping people suffering from PTSD. Gold standard studies have proven how EFT Tapping reduces stress and anxiety. Tapping with your fingertips on acupressure points on your body lowers cortisol, allowing students to feel less anxious, more focused and more engaged.

“The students do think it’s a little weird at first, because you literally Tap on pressure point on your face and upper body but easily jump right into it,” says Mays. “Because they can immediately feel a sense of calmness after only tapping five or ten minutes they readily embrace it. We tap together using their words and it promotes a unified positive connection.”

Mays had been teaching EFT for many years as a coach when she was inspired to bring EFT into schools after recent school shootings. Mays works with students of all ages but specializes in middle and high school. She says that’s typically when students’ hope and imagination turn into believing they’re not good enough and they retreat and feel they need armor to protect themselves.

“We all tap as a class together kids really want to do well” says Mays. After tapping, students feel more confident, calmer and have improved self-esteem.”

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