Prime Tapping is a unique combination of healing and inspiring techniques I have learned from EFT Tapping Masters and other Mind Body Energy Healers that I have now taught to thousands of students and clients. 

Prime stands for:  Positive   Realization   Integration   Meridian   Energy 

I believe by integrating different aspects of Psychology Energy I have developed a Premium results positive tapping technique. This Prime Tapping introductory course will focus on everything you need to know to comfortably introduce it with students in the academic sector or small groups.  Although this is a self-help tool that could benefit really anyone wanting to reduce stress and feeling overwhelmed to easily shift feeling calmer, focused and in-control.

In this course you will learn:

  • What EFT Prime Tapping is and when and how to use it.
  • How our sub-conscious mind is programmed and why we respond as we do.
  • B.E.A.T.  process to physically reduce stress in your body.
  • How you can Muscle Test the body’s energy on yourself and others.
  • The scientific proof and research why Tapping works.
  • Know the primary meridian energy points used for Tapping.
  • Know how to structure your Tapping sentences.
  • Know how to measure your before and after Tapping results.
  • How to Tap without anyone knowing.
  • How you can introduce and teach Prime Tapping in the classroom with students.
  • How to engage students and inspire them to Tap on their own, particularly to reduce performance anxiety.
  • Know how to introduce teachers to Tapping before their class day to reduce stress and overwhelm.
  • You will do real Prime Tapping sessions and feel the release of anxiety and physical pain on yourself.
  • You will practice real Prime Tapping sessions with each other by Zoom.
  • PowerPoints for assemblies; age appropriate that you can personalize.
  • You will get hand-outs for each process so you can reference anytime.
  • You will get edited video downloads to use when teaching.
  • Prime Tapping handouts for Teachers to reference during the school year.
  • Private Face Book group for ongoing support and marketing questions.
  • You will be making a positive life changing difference for our next generations.

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